The level of harassment and brutality from police officers is becoming very alarming in the country. A young boy was beaten mercilessly by a police officer in front of his father without any genuine reason or telling him his crime. The father of the boy tried to calm the situation […]

Debby Duru

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Debby Duru is a street reporter and author at HGS Media Plus with the desire to gather news from the street and social media. She is a dual character of fun and crazy, and also a social media Queen.

The new approved salary structure of the Nigeria police force by the FG has been revealed. Below are the salary structure: 1. Police Constable (PC) II – N84,000. 2. Police Constable (PC) I – N86,000. 3. Sergeant Copral (SC) – N96,000. 4. Sergeant Major (SM) – N119,000. 5. Inspector Of […]

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Humphrey D Godson is a content writer, blogger and a website designer with the passion and focus to spread news worthy content.Email: Phone: +2348134990921

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