HGS News Hub (How It Works)


HGS Media Plus has just lunched a new platform, HGS News Hub for content creators and dedicated audience.

This platform is has being carefully designed by our development team to help inspire, motivate and encourage  writers to keep on writing.

There are many content writers out there looking for a platform to showcase their skill but have none.

Hence, the reason this platform was created not just for writers but for dedicated audience who wish to try out their writing skill.

HGS News Hub is not just designed for writers to write but to also give them the privilege to earn from their work.

With HGS News Hub, you can make as much money as you can just by writing content on HGS News Hub.

How It Works

All you need to do is open an account by clicking the register button on the menu option and a window will pop up asking you to sign up for HGS News Hub with a payment of one thousand naira.

Step 1: Once you click on sign up, a form will appear for you to fill in your personal details,

Step 2: After filling in the form, click register and a payment method will appear in the next page.

Step 3: Make a payment of one thousand naira to the bank account details you see and send a screenshot of the payment to the email [email protected] to confirm payment.

Step 4: Once payment has been confirm, your login details will immediately be sent to you by Email and you can now login to start posting.


1. Do not copy content from other news website.

2. Sexual content is strictly prohibited on this platform.

3. Fake news will be rejected. (3 violation will attract a temporary ban) for 24hours

4. Tribalism and hate content is not allowed.

5. Content with graphic image must be censored or will be rejected.

6. User-generated content (social media news) is allowed

7. Opinion and Fiction content is also allowed (must indicate) in post headline.

Payment/Calculation Method:

HGS News Hub pays you #50 on very post that gets approved and published on HGS News Hub front page.

Let’s say you post once a day which will earn you #50, for seven days (one week) you will earn #350 and for 30days (one month) you earn a total of #10,500. Cool!

Imagine you being a consisted writer, let’s say you post 3-5 articles a day, do the math and see how much u will make a month.

You also stand a chance to win an ‘Airtime’ if your article emerge article of the week.

We pay on the 10th of every month and payment is being made directly into your Bank Account or Opay account.

Just go to your ‘Summit post’ on your HGS News Hub account and summit your account details with the title ‘My Account Details’ for you to get paid by the end of the month.

Start now and earn good with your writing skill.

Good Luck…

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