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Nigeria Security System Is Not Sufficient Enough To Tackle Insecurity (Opinion)

By Humphrey D Godson

Nigeria is meant to stand out as number one in Africa being the ‘Giant Of Africa’. I use the word ‘Meant’ because the country in many ways has drifted away from actually meeting up to the expectations as to why it was crowned the ‘Giant Of Africa’.

The security system in the country has been one major aspect created to protect the lives and properties of every citizen but due to the high amount of corruption and greedy government running the country, this system has become insufficient due to series of sabotage.

Kidnapping, robbery, Insurgency, terrorism, banditry and others has now become the order of the day due to failed security system. All these is because the government seem not to care about the wellbeing of it’s people.

Over the past years even before the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, the Nigeria security system has been run for political benefit and not for the benefit of the masses. Now, even as the battle with the Covid-19 continues, the system has still failed even more for the people and benefited only the government.

How can the Nigeria security system be sufficient against terrorism and all sort of crimes when it has been sabotaged by greedy individuals who think only but themselves and themselves alone.

The crime rate in the country has risen as high as 67% which includes robbery, kidnapping, banditry, insurgency and many others. Citizens are running for their lives looking for where they can hide their heads, some are leaving the country to a more safer place due to fear.

If every citizen leaves this country or worst die due to the lack of security in the country, who would the government govern, the dead? Or ghost?

Many people has also abducted the ideal of filling in their pockets once they get into any of these powerful position instead of using it to help grow the country.

There was a viral photo of a primary school boy from Delta State who was seen using sand to fill up some bad spots on a road in front of his home. Imagine that was the case of the Nigerian government, things would be better than it is now

The Nigerian President, Mahummadu Buhari who is suppose to be a role model, hope and a representative of the country seem to be mute about the whole security collapse as nothing is being done to tackle these challenges.

The country has apparently been know for crimes and every illegal activities due to the lack of sufficient security in place to tackle this things

The Nigerian government needs to work harder to strengthen the security system in the country to avoid all of these crimes. Not only will it reduce crime but also bring in foreign investors into the country thereby creating Jobs opportunities for the youths.

Humphrey D Godson

Humphrey D. Godson is a content writer, web designer, blogger and CEO at HGS Media Plus. Contact: 08134990921, [email protected]

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