Alleged Retired Commissioner Of Police Bites Off 18-year-old Girl’s Ear In Edo State (Graphic Photos)

An alleged Commissioner of Police Bit off the ear of an 18-year-old girl during a fight between the girl’s mother and the suspect in Edo State. HGS Media Plus reports.

The incident happened on Sunday, 15 November at Eweka street, off college road, Aduwawa, Benin City, Edo State.

According to a Facebook user, Agbons Osas report, the man identified as Mr. Ogunbor, used his teeth to cut off the ear of the victim, Miss Faith Aigbe when she tried preventing him from hitting her mother with a shovel during a fight between them.

Agbons who shared the story via his Facebook page on Friday, 13 November wrote:

“Information reaching us;

“That, one MR. S.O OGUNBOR who lives at Eweka street off college road Aduwawa Benin city has cut the ear of miss Faith Aigbe with his teeth on Sunday ,faith Aigbe is an eighteen years old girl.

“This happened as a result of the misunderstanding between Faith Aigbe mother and Mr. S.O Ogunbor’s wife and his 46yrs old daughter that joined together to fight Faith Aigbe’s mother on Sunday. Faith was coming from church when she met Mr. S.O Ogunbor and his family together, fighting her mother. Mr. S.O ogunbor raise up a shovel to hit faith Aigbe’s mother, Faith held it through Mr. Ogunbor’s back and Mr Ogunbor rush into Faith’s ear and cut it off with his teeth.

“After the fight, Faith and her mother ran to the police station in other to lay down their report. The same Mr. Ogunbor came to the police station and started threatening the policemen that he is a retired commissioner of police. Those policemen where scared to arrest him from there, the police wrote a report to Faith Aigbe to go and treat herself.

“The same Mr. Ogunbor’s son also went further to adopt Faith’s father with his boys and took him to an unknown destination and beat him up. The man was being rescue by the help of the vigilante group. Faith’s father is the Odionwere of Eweka street.

“Mr. S.O Ogunbor who claimed to be a retired commissioner of police, has beaten his right hand on his chest that he will kill faith Aigbe and he will use money and his influence on her.

“This is man inhumanity to man, this is aberration, this is satanic and barbaric.

“This is a man that served to the Apex height of policing that ought to have the knowledge of the law.

“We re calling all the relevant Authorities and the relevant stakeholders in Edo state to come to the aide of faith Aigbe.

Justice for Faith Aigbe, Faith needs Justice.”

Humphrey D Godson

Humphrey D. Godson is a content writer, web designer, blogger and CEO at HGS Media Plus. Contact: 08134990921, [email protected]

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