Man Gifts His Wife The DNA Test Result Of Their Daughter. See What It Says (video)

A trending video of a man who gifted his wife the DNA test result of their daughter who he later found out is not his daughter after 3 years is making rounds online.

The man had found out that the daughter his wife gave birth to is not his, so he decided to gift her the test result to let her know that he knew.

According to the video, the man has had his suspicion on the fact that the child is not his, so he decided to go for a DNA test unknowing to the wife and found out his suspicion was right.

The wife who at first was excited that she was being gifted with a something nice got the shock of her life when she found out that it was the DNA test result of their daughter.

She asked why the husband decided to bring it up now after three years. “Out of all days, you had three years to give this to me, now you want to give this to me?”, she said.

The man claimed that she cheated on him, but she denied and said she did not cheat on him.

“The prove is right there, DNA test, she is not my daughter”, the man said. He also said that the wife had till the end of the month to pack her belonging and leave his house.

Watch video below:


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