Moment Bride And Groom Strike Each Other With Their Elbow During Their Reception (video)

There could be a lot of tension between a bride and a groom during a wedding regardless how romantic and exciting marriage can be.

Preparing a wedding can caused stress and tension especially between the couple who are actually organizing it.

It is not known if it is actually the caused of this bride and groom in the video below hitting each other with their elbows during their wedding reception or something else.

Here is a shocking video of a Muslim bride and groom hitting each other with their elbows during their wedding reception that has surfaced online.

As seen in the video, the groom tapped his bride with his elbow, but the bride in return hit the groom very hard with her elbow.

It is unclear if the bride had a fight with the groom before the wedding or she was in a bad mode at that point, but her reaction was very aggressive.

The video has stirred reactions from social media users

Watch video below:


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Fighting On Their Wedding Day!!!😂😂😂

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