Moment An Armed Robber Was Caught Trying To Steal A Car (video)

Some car thieves has ran out of luck when they tried robbing a man of his car, but the car unfortunately refused to move.

According to the video, a black car with armed men confronted a white car at a junction with the intention of snatching the car from the owner.

One of the armed men came out and approached the white car telling the owner of get out with a gun pointed at him.

The man immediately ran away while the arm man enter into his car to drive off with it. The black car drove off thinking their colleague has succeeded.

The arm man was unfortunately unable to start the car. He tried several times, but was unable to move until some police men caught up with him.

The arm man who knew it was over for him quickly came down from the car and gave himself up to the police while his colleagues flee the scene.

The location of the incident is yet to be ascertained as at the time HGS Media Plus came across this video.

Watch video below:


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Moment Car Thief Got Caught Tying To Steal A Car (video)

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