Hen Fights “Die Hard” With A Cobra Snake To Protect It’s Chick From Being Eaten (video)

Just as humans and every other living being would do to project their own territory, even fowls, (Cocks/Hens) are no exception.

It is no longer new that most hens are ready to do anything, even die in the process just to project their chicks if they are being threatened.

It is also quite rare that some hens flews in the sight of danger, leaving their chicks to pay the ultimate prize.

Here is a video showing the moment a hen bravely fought a cobra snake just to protect it’s chick from being eaten by the snake.

The hen fought tirelessly to protect it’s children from the untimely death the snake was about to unleash. While in a serious ‘die hard’ battle with the cobra snake, the chicks had to run out to another end for safety.

Mothers indeed are everything and are ready to go extra mile to protect their own.

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