Dogs Seen Burying Their Colleague And Paying Tribute (video)

Dogs have been a companion to man for many centuries up until date, but some people don’t see them that way, in other words, they see them as wild animals.

Dogs has been known to be an Omnivores animal that eat both animal and other types of food and not Carnivores. It is only normal for a dog to be defensive when it feel threatened in it’s territory, and with a proper dog trainer, they can be really awesome and well to do.

Here is a emotional video moment some dogs were seen burying one of their own and paying tribute to it in their own way as it passes to the other side.

It is quite an emotional moment for the dogs as they were also seen covering their fellow dog with sand just as any other human species would do.

Like any other species, dogs can also be emotional, happy, sad or depressed with it feels the need to.

Dogs are a territorial animal, it is also normal for them to be aggressive sometimes when protecting the things they hold dearly.

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