Lady Exchange Blows With Bus Conductor For Insulting Her Mom (video)

First impression they say matters a lot. Courtesy demands that you show respect to people around you, most especially the ones you haven’t met or seen before.

But in this day and age, many people still fail to do the right thing. The fight and quarrel seen on the road between two set of people or more is mostly caused by their inability to approach each other in a civil manner. Which is the case of the video below.

A lady and her friend due to lack of patient were captured on camera shouting at a bus conductor whose bus they boarded, to give them their change after they have gotten to their destination.

The conductor in return after been shouted at, started insulting the mother of one of the ladies putting on a yellow shirt, which later led to a dirty fight between them.

The lady was exchanging blows with the conductor, but he overpower her and pushed her towards the body of the bus.

The friend of the lady and other passengers who boarded the bus tried to separate them but the lady was insistent in not letting go the conductor.

Watch video HERE

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