Thief’s Hand Gets Stuck In A Truck Tank While Trying To Steal Diesel (video)

Some people has made stealing nothing more than an option for survival for their families while some just find themselves doing it for the pleasure of it.

Stealing and armed robbery has become a part of most people. This could be the way they were trained, the people they mingle with and the kind of environment they find themselves.

Even at the rate of jungle justice in the country, people still find themselves stealing and in most cases get caught, beaten and even burnt alive by angry mobs.

Here is video showing the moment a thief’s hand got stuck in a diesel tank of a truck parked on the road while he was trying to steal the diesel.

The driver of the truck was said to have used voodoo to protect his diesel that made the thief’s hand to get stuck inside the tank.

Apparently, the thief had try to check if there was diesel in the tank, unfortunately his hand got stuck inside.

The thief as seen in the video tried to pull out his hand from the diesel tank but to no avail.

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Thief’s Hand Gets Stuck In A Truck Tank While Trying To Steal Diesel

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