Moment Little Boy Takes His First Steps In His Prosthetic Legs (video)

Prostheses has been to known to be used and help individuals whose legs, hand, kneel, ankle, and others are amputated.

The Prostheses has been said to be an artificial body parts that mimics the function of the real body.

This Prostheses has also been known to be used by individuals whose body parts got amputated due to accidents, explosion, gun shot wound, knife cut, and others.

Check out this adorable video moment this little boy made his first steps to walk with his Prosthetic leg with the assistants of a nurse.

The little boy at first tried and failed as seen in the video but for the second time tried again, and he was able to make some steps with the Prosthetic leg with the help from his nurse.

The little boy seem happy when he realized he was able to walk as he walked straight to grab a balloon.

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Moment Little Boy Takes His First Steps In His Prosthetic Legs

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