Ondo Bank Robbery: A result of failed Security

It has been one death to another over the years caused by robbery, kidnapping, ritualist, bandit attacks, religion crises just to mention a few and even stray bullets from the guns of corrupt policemen due to the failed security system in the Country.

Now, over 20+ deaths and still counting according to Wikipedia has been recorded in Nigerian over the past years till date. Still, the security of the country doesn’t seem to be of high priority to the Nigerian Government.

These deaths, one way or the other was caused by escalation of certain problems that could not be controlled by the government. In that note, the Nigerian government has failed the people.

Ok, let me take your minds back to nine months ago, precisely last year on the 21st of May 2019. There was a bandit attack that took place at Kaura-Namoda, Zamfawa State.

An attack by bandit in Tunga and Kabaje villages that claimed 23 lives all because a suspected ally (informant) identified as Anas, was killed by a vigilance group of the village while he was trying to take a wife and child of one of the bandit that leaves in a village called Angwan Sarki.

They did not just kill the ally, but also killed the wife and child that were to be delivered to the bandit from the other village. Now, why would they commit such a despicable act especially on a mother and a child who were innocent.

This was a tragedy that would have been avoided if the Government had intervened on the matter before it escalated and resorted into killing one another. Report said the bandit retaliated the following morning and invaded the villages, leaving 23 people dead.

Nigerian Government should understand that the lives and property of every citizens is highly Paramount. The funds which are supposed to be used for the welfare of the Country has being turned into an apple that is to be shared, everyone wants their own bite.

Take for instance, some so called security personal in the Country, they are not well trained mentally, psychologically or otherwise. They do not know or understand the laws that guilds a firearm, it’s like a light bulb you switch on and off.

It’s only in Nigerian you see a policeman on uniform caulking his gun and attempting to shoot a civilian during an argument. A civilian you are supposed to protect has now turned to an ATM machine and a target board for your gun practice.

The crime in this Country is taking a lot from many Nigerians. People are scared, some are leaving the country, the ones out there doesn’t want to come back and the Government are doing nothing to keep the citizens safe.

Just imagine the robbery that took place Yesterday afternoon in Ondo State which claimed the lives of four persons including some policemen in a gun fight with some dare-devil robbers.

There was dead bodys seen at the crime scene including the brain of a victim on the ground. It was such a blooding outcome. I could not look the photos from the crime scene because of how graphic they were.

I also recall the news of a young boy of about eight years old who executed a Nigerian Christian in Borno State after been kidnapped by the ISIS terror group last month. This Islamic terrorist has been terrorism Nigerians for many years till date and the Government in their defense make us believe they are doing everything they can to control the situation, but does not seem like it.

The Government needs to be more proactive, they need to see the threat from the root and fight it, not lavishing the finance that could be use for the security of this Country on irrelevant things.

It is not going to be easy, but the earlier the Government begin to value and take seriously the lives of every single Nigerian, the better it is going to be for this God loving Country.

Humphrey D Godson

About Humphrey D Godson

Humphrey D Godson is a content writer, blogger and a website designer with the passion and focus to spread news worthy content.Email: humphreycute@gmail.com Phone: +2348134990921

Humphrey D Godson

Humphrey D Godson is a content writer, blogger and a website designer with the passion and focus to spread news worthy content.Email: humphreycute@gmail.com Phone: +2348134990921

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