Little Girl Forced Into A Car After Refusing To Follow Her Husband

A little girl who was married off by her patents refused to follow her husband after the marriage ceremony and was forced into a car.

In the viral video, the girl was held by my father and was forced into a car after she refused to follow her husband home.


She was screaming and in tears as her father dragged her out of the house to put her into the car.

Child marriage has since been a regular routine in the Northern part of Nigeria for many decades. Many parents has chosen to give out their girl child for marriage instead of protecting them.

The girl child has only been known to be married out as house wifes with the mindset that Education is met for the boy child and not the girl child.

A girl child should be protected and have every right to Education and more as much as boy child.

But this video you are about to watch shows otherwise.

Watch the video below

Humphrey D Godson

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